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In this video, Debra Slater shares clear calls to action to improve the working conditions of PSWs.

This interview features a PSW who talked about the poor working environment during the pandemic, unpredictable schedules, and lack of benefits.

This interview features a PSW who shared her journey in joining the profession as well as her motivation in caring for patients in the community.

PSWs Deserve Better Working Conditions

Our government needs to re-evaluate and prioritize PSWs across Ontario and realize that this investment will pay off in terms of better care and health outcomes, and keeping people in their homes and out of overcrowded emergency departments and hospitals. By allocating more of the budget to support PSWs, it will address our physical, mental, emotional and financial needs. We are the foundation and the pillar of our healthcare system. Our communities, long-term care, hospitals and private care needs us. We are an asset to healthcare in this province, so it's time to start investing in us.


The Empower PSW Network is calling for

—Debra Slater, PSW for more than 15 years 

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